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Healthy authentic Japanese noodles to you

Since the foundation in 1878, we have been serving high quality Japanese noodle products and also known as an innovator in noodle production technology in Japan.

Our patented noodle processing technology enabled us to deliver delicious noodle combined with carefully blended flavorful soup and sauce. Experience delicate Japanese noodle meal at home.

Today, customer's taste preference is diversifying and always exploring something new. We are committed to deliver healthy, safe and delicious noodle from our broader range of products proven in the market over a century.

Safety, high quality and delicious noodle is our signature.

What is Itsuki ?

A name of small country village in Kumamoto, Japan. The village is well known by a folk song "A Lullaby of Itsuki" as well as consecrated place of high quality Soba seeds (buckwheat) due to its weather character, wide variation in temperature cycle in a day. We branded ourselves from the precious natural gift since 1957.
Logo: A gentle baby sitting sister sung in the lullaby.
Trade Mark Reminder: There are very similar logo used by other parties and we have no relationship, or logo usage authorization in any form. This baby sitting sister logo is a registered trade mark of ITSUKI FOODS Co., Ltd.
New Brand Trade Mark:
We have renewed our brand trade mark for international products. The new trade mark has English brand name and country signature to represent genuine "product of JAPAN" with pride.

Head office factory of ITSUKI FOODS Co., Ltd. acquired ISO22000:2018 certification on 16 August 2022. We are committed to strive hard to seek for global customer satisfaction as our primary business objective and continue to improve our operations to achieve it.
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